Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, composer, DJ and Music Producer

SAMANTA LIZA Independent artist

Samanta Liza is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter; multi-instrumentalist; composer; DJ and Music Producer of Swedish and Indonesian-Chinese heritage. She was born in Honolulu. 

Samanta Liza’s sets are centered around performing, with live vocals, percussion, and guitar, flowing through impromptu free styling and into a true live/hybrid performance of original mixes. In her Dj sets, she often transitions from downtempo, through some nu disco, and into mostly deep, organic, melodic house.

Growing up, she moved around the world – from London, Sweden, Kuwait, Florida, Shanghai to New York – she was introduced to a variety of cultures and music at an early age.

Since the age of 5, Samanta Liza performed for family and friends, school performances and open mic nights throughout her university years.

She started writing music at the age of 13. Towards the end of 2020, Samanta Liza learned how to DJ and enrolled in Lee Foss’s Repopulate Mars production course, learning Ableton.

Since then, she’s been focused on creating electronic music—inspired by a variety of artists and genres. Expect to hear a wide range of elements in her music, sampling sounds from the djembe, bongos, hand pan, guitar, and more.


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Samanta Liza photography by Yuliyaskya

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