Days of E.N.D.

Extremely Nonsensical Drama

Album Release Party
July 7th

Debut Album
July 8th


Album Release Party July 7th

Samanta Liza Debut Album. Samanta is kneeling over a male dummy on on this invitation, with a black background, to her Album Release Party.

debut Album Days of E.N.D

Written, composed and produced by Samanta Liza, with additional co-production from Panté and Aezon on the last three songs of the project, Days Of E.N.D. (which stands for days of extremely nonsensical drama) is a glorious electronic album with lush pop sensibilities that sees Samanta shining across pop and electronic subgenres like dance-pop, melodic house, alternative pop, techno and indie pop. Drawing on her vast repertoire of artistry, musicianship, and production, Samanta Liza has delivered a captivating offering that will hold listeners attention from start to finish.

debut Album Days of E.N.D

Lyrically, Days Of E.N.D. is a culmination of journal entries, random thoughts, deep reflections, and therapeutic studio sessions that have built up into a commentary on the importance of relationships, and how they can change our lives. As the title suggests, we deal with ‘extremely nonsensical drama’ in our lives, and this album is a nod to how relationships dictate much of how we live our lives. As Samanta Liza puts it, “What matters at the end of the day is how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we relate to the collective. Without togetherness, life is nothingness”.

debut Album Days of E.N.D

The album’s dreamy breakbeat opening track ‘Some People Do Nothing’ sees an introspective Samanta motivating the listener to do something, while the indie alt-pop offering ‘We Are Not Friends’ has her contemplating losing a lover. On the dance-pop focus track ‘I Don’t Regret You’, Samanta chooses to see her past relationships as purposeful, and elsewhere on ‘Daydreaming’, she doesn’t want to let go of what she had. ‘I Wanna Be Free’ reveals her yearning for new beginnings, whereas on ‘Sweet Lies’, she explores the importance of honesty in relationships. Overall, Days Of E.N.D. makes for an emotive listening experience that fans and critics alike will relate to.