I don't Regret You (Sylphomatic Remix)

Days of E.N.D | Debut Album

A glorious electronic album with lush pop sensibilities that sees Samanta shining across pop and electronic subgenres like dance-pop, melodic house, alternative pop, techno and indie pop.

Some People do nothing

Some People Do Nothing is a deep and dreamy breakbeat record, that handholds the listener through a deep introspection of self, others, and our motivation. Track 1 on Days of E.N.D.


Threads offers listeners a deep, dark and mysterious journey through the emotions of a young woman who feels tied to her ex-lover by a thread. Tracks 9 & 10 on Days of E.N.D.


I wrote WDYLM at 2am from my bed, reflecting on my most recent breakup. Overwhelmed by passion, a hot and all-consuming fling turned very serious (or so I thought) very quickly. In that same vein, things ended just as abruptly. Track 2 on Days of E.N.D.