Some People Do Nothing

Out on Beatport now. Some People Do Nothing is a deep and dreamy breakbeat record, that handholds the listener through a deep introspection of self, others, and our motivation.

Samanta Liza Debut Album. Samanta Liza, the artist, on the cover of her debut album Days of END. Holding her arms behind her head, eyes nearly closed, with a soft pink starstruck background.

Days of E.N.D.

Extremely Nonsensical Drama. Debut Album out on July 8th


Threads offers listeners a deep, dark and mysterious journey through the emotions of a young woman who feels tied to her ex-lover by a thread.


I wrote WDYLM at 2am from my bed, reflecting on my most recent breakup. Overwhelmed by passion, a hot and all-consuming fling turned very serious (or so I thought) very quickly. In that same vein, things ended just as abruptly.

Lost Touch

The Remixes. Dastan Remix. Anniversary Mix. Steve Kay Remix.

The Start

Samanta Liza


Samanta Liza & Gaspa.

Dance with Me

Dance with me

Samanta Liza & Pante


Samanta Liza & Gaspa

7am Sivz Remix

Samanta Liza, Gaspa, Aezon

Alive (Fire)

Samanta Liza & Steve Kay


Samanta Liza, Gaspa, Aezon

Summer Love

Steve Kay ft Samanta Liza

Back to Earth

Samanta Liza